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Fauzana Ismail, Fuziah Md Amin, Wan Mohd Haffiz Mohd Nasir
Use of web-scraping for the compilation of Consumer Price Index: Malaysia's experience
Kuala Lumpur, 18-23 Aug 2019
62nd ISI World Statistics Congress

Nur Aziha Mansor, Muhaimin Naim Md Nasir
Trade by Enterprise Characteristics: Managing Structured Data in a Big Data Environment
Bangkok, 17-21 June 2019 
Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week 2019 

Mazliana Mustapa, Raja Rajeswari Ponnusamy, Ho Ming Kang
Forecasting Prices of Fish and Vegetable using Web Scraped Price Micro Data
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE)
January 2019

Siti Haslinda Mohd Din, Mazreha Ya'akub, Dipa Chellamuthu
Big Data Innovate Official Statistics for Better Decision Making
Marrakech, 16-21 July 2017
61st World Statistics Congress

Siti Haslinda Mohd Din, Nur Aziha Mansor
How Big Data Drive Greater MSBR
Tokyo, 8-11 November 2016
25th Meeting of the Wiesbaden Group on Business Registers

Nur Aziha Mansor
Malaysia Statistical Business Register (MSBR) Innovate New Insight of Malaysia Trade Statistics
Bangkok, 2-4 May 2016
Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week 2016 

Siti Haslinda Mohd Din, Nur Aziha Mansor, Faiza Rusrianti Tajul Arus
Open data and challenges faced by National Statistics Office
Kuala Lumpur, 17 November 2015
MyStats 2015 

Faiza Rusrianti Tajul Arus, Che Norma Murad, Siti Haslinda Mohd Din, Abdul Rahman Hasan
Timely statistics through integrated statistical system
Viet Nam, 8-10 October 2014
IAOS 2014